Recommended Diet


Daily Minimums

2 pieces of fruit

6 6-oz servings of vegetables (total minimum of 36 ounces), 50% of which are eaten raw. The rest should be lightly steamed, stir-fried or baked.

Daily Maximums

1 serving of starch

1 serving of protein (6 oz. if vegetable, 4 oz. and organic if animal)

Acceptable Oils

Coconut, Flax seed , cold pressed, Olive oil, cold pressed preferably organic.


Whole grains only, soak overnight (breaks down the enzyme inhibitors)

Breads made from sprouted grains are counted as vegetables


Distilled, Berkey water filter or reverse osmosis.

Green Teas or other herb teas

Freshly juiced fruits

Vegetables juices have 32 ounces or more. A good base for your vegetable juice is 50% carrot, 25% celery and the rest can be what ever you would like. If you have Cancer cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and garlic should be added and account for 50% of you juice, and you should have at least 96 ounces a day. If you doing the cleanse I might have you do even more juice. My oldest daughter Jereme told me she juiced a whole organic orange to her juice to make it taste better. It works!

Recommended Sources of Minerals

Super Whole Foods

Sea vegetables:  kelp, dulse, seaweed, Sea salt.


Dairy except about 1 ounce of organic Kefier or yogurt.

Bleached, refined, processed products (white flour, white rice, etc.)

Tap water. Most have fluoride and bleach that compete for the iodine you do get in you diet.

White sugar and sugar substitutes except stevia.



This diet is 80% alkalizing and 20% acidic, 50% raw.

The fresh juices help to infuse the blood with live nutrition. Some people might think it doesn’t matter if your food is alive, that there is nutritional value in cooked foods, and they are right there is some value and the more you cook your food the less there is. You see even if some of the vitamins and minerals survive the enzymes don’t! There are three major groups of enzymes: (1) Food Enzymes, (2) Digestive Enzymes and (3) Metabolic Enzymes. Food enzynes – the body can derive many of its enzymes from food, which helps to reduce the burden of the high enzyme production needs. Digestive enzymes – such as salivary amylase, trypsin and chymotrypsin primary role is for the digestion of food and making nutrients available to all of the body processes which need them. Another class of enzymes is called metabolic enzymes. Their role is to catalyze chemical reactions involving every process in the body, including the participation of oxygen. Most of our cells would literally starve for oxygen even with an abundance of oxygen without the action of the enzyme, cytochrome oxidase. Enzymes are also necessary for muscle contraction and relaxation. The fact is, without both of these classes of enzymes, (digestive and metabolic) life could not exist. Enzymes are biological catalysts responsible for supporting almost all of the chemical reactions that maintain life (catalysts speeds up the process).

Does that mean that I think we should take Enzymes? No! We should use the ones that were Created for us and that are plentiful in raw organic food and juice.

Dairy, meat, grain products and sugar are mucus forming and are elimnated from this Recommended Diet except meat and grians which are greatly reduced.

Mucus plays a valuable role in the body. It provides a barrier against pathogens (as viruses and bacteria) and lubricates tissues lining the air passages, gastrointestinal tract, and several other areas of the body. When the mucus membrane is thin viruses or bacteria that  are inhaled stick to the mucus like flypaper and the immune system is able to take care of the invader because the capillaries are under the mucus membrane. Too much mucus, however, slows down the immune system leading to colds, flues, etc, this unhealthy state can become deadly, as in chronic bronchitis, asthma, and cystic fibrosis etc.

Vegetable sushi (no rice or seafood)