My Story

My Family’s Journey to Health. . .

I’ve always been interested in natural ways to restore health. At 19 I started reading “Back to Eden “, by Jethro Kloss and books by Paul Bragg on Diet, Fasting, and Deep Breathing. I also started reading some books by Bob Hoffman and other body building information, I loved it all! In a short period of time I improved my health and physical condition. Then a couple of years later I met my wife, we married and left Ohio and moved to Florida and we started a residential construction company. In time we had three daughters. For the most part I would strive to take care of the families health needs by means of natural health. Although I wouldn’t push my wife pass her comfort point and she would occasionally take the kids to the doctor. But during that time I was having recurring back problems, which caused other problems related to kidney, bladder, and prostate infections. In spite of everything I tried from chiropractors, herbs, vitamins and exercise, nothing seemed to fix the problems. Every year they would come back and progressively got worse. Then my wife found a chiropractor, George Scherer who lived in Melbourne, Fl. George and his wife Ruby helped to change my life in more ways than one. For one George taught me some key points to keep the hips and spine in proper alignment. From Ruby who was an herbalist, I learned that herbs can quickly help to clean up even a serious condition. After the time I spent with the Scherer’s I have never had the problem come back! About 5 years later we moved to Atlanta, Ga. After being in Georgia for less than a year my wife was involved in a terrible car accident, she was in a coma for 5 ½ weeks and in the hospital for over 5 months. When Donna came home she could barely do anything, some of her long term memory was gone and her short term memory was non-existence. It took a tremendous amount of effort physically and emotionally to take care of Donna, and at that time our two youngest children were still at home. I could not have made it through that period of time in my life if it had not been for Donna’s family and our friends, but mostly Donna’s parents Sara and Nunzio.They made great sacrifices in taking care of Donna and the girls during the day so I could work. Sara and I along with my sister-in-laws Linda and Cheryl (and others) worked with Donna. Slowly she made some progress. Then about 2 years after the accident she started having terrible gran maul seizures. The first one took about 4 hours to stop. As a result she was put on anti-seizure medication. But a few months later she had another bad seizure all of these times she went to the emergency room. Her medications were increased. Again another bad seizure, again an increase in medicines. Again another seizure and more medicine. The stress in our lives at this time was so difficult (and there are many things I didn’t go into) that it was a chore to get through each day. Many times I didn’t think I could go on, but with prayer and the help of family, and for the love of my family I did. But I hated what the drugs did to Donna because the amount they had to give her to control her seizures slowed her down even more mentally and physically, but I couldn’t stand to see her or have the children see her have those terrible seizures. I didn’t know what to do I felt hopeless (at least in the present situation).

As time went by some of the other stresses in my life eased up. Then one day I got a phone call from the lab that did Donna’s blood work to check her med levels. The lady asked me if my wife was awake I said yes then she asked me if she could move, I said yes and then she said she didn’t know how that was possible with her med levels as high as they were! At that point I decided things were going to change.

I started digging into herb books trying to see if there was something I could do help my wife who was in such a terrible condition. I learned of people who had been helped on programs that Richard Anderson, Richard Schultz and John Christopher had put together. I first used Richard Anderson’s program and I started to buy herbs to make up some of Richard Schultz’s and John Christopher’s formulas. After a short period of time I started to wean Donna off her medications it was a very scary time. Because even though I have always believed in the things that God has created this was some one else’s life. Donna would still have seizures not as bad and not as long so we would keep her home and I would give her herbs to stop or control them. In the past two years she has only had small 1 or 2 minute petite seizures and that happens mostly as I continue to d-tox her, so that her body can heal more. Now I have more of my wife back, her memory is better, along with her abilities to enjoy life, to do her housework which she loves. Her walking still requires a walker, but it has greatly improved. We will keep working.

As a result of my wife’s condition and my making formulas up for her, I would make formulas up for my family and friends as they got better they would tell their friends, and then people started calling me from all over the country. At this time I was working at my job 40 to 50 hours a week and spending 30 hours a week talking to people and making formulas for them. A couple of years ago I had to chose between a good paying job or helping people. Because I know what its like to feel hopeless and helpless, I choose the later. I would never think of using anything but the best ingredients, and the strongest concentrations to help my wife. These products that I make are still the ones I give her and the rest of my family and friends.

My Belief System

I believe that all the vegetation was given to man to serve as food, and that it was pronounced by God to be” very good “. Because I truly believe this, the conclusions that I come to is that any danger that arises from taking these plants into our body is not the fault of the plant but because of our unhealthy condition. I said unhealthy not imperfect. Many people believe that some herbs or foods are bad, to me that puts them in direct conflict with what God said was “very good” Genesis 1:31. I choose not to be on that side. I’m not saying that you should go out and eat every herb you find. Some herbs our very strong and most people if not all, are to unhealthy to use all of them. Even some foods that are generally tolerated can be deadly to some people, even by people who previously tolerated them. So what changed the food or the person? (Setting aside genetic altered foods), the person changed. I believe the world we live in today is getting more and more toxic. On top of that because of the typical diet today, people are slowing down the body’s eliminating channels. Some foods will help the body to eliminate and some herbs powerfully so. But if the process is inhibited then you may get sick. The food or herbs are not to blame it’s the condition of the human body!

Some believe that you should not eat protein and fruit at the same time. That I can not comprehend. Why would two of the best protein digestive enzymes be found in fruit? It has been said that the fruit will ferment, putrefy, and so the fruit caused the problem therefore don’t eat it with protein. But if the digestive/elimination system were working at the proper speed, everything the fruit and the protein would both be through the system before and problems developed.

Some say you shouldn’t eat protein and starch in the same meal. Once again why does starch and protein occur in the same foods? (As beans, potatoes, etc). Again we look to blame our problems on everything. Get the elimination channels open and don’t try to cram so much through the digestive system at one time and you won’t have a problem.