Master Cleanse


There are two purposes for the Master Cleanse.
First: The main purpose is to cleanse the body. The body cannot heal when it’s holding on to waste, toxins or infection.  Example if you cut yourself it will not heal until you get an infection under control.

Second: This plan is also a Master Rebuilder, rebuilding all the major systems of the body so they function better.

Intestinal Regulator and Intestinal Sweep. Cleans the digestive system and improves peristalsis. You should have a bowel movement for each meal. If you don’t you are polluting your blood and by extension your whole body and also putting more stress on your other elimination organs.

Blood/Lymph. Cleans the Blood and Lymphatic system, including Spleen.

Kidney/Bladder or Kidney Stone formula. Waste from your lymphatic system enters the blood stream, and  our blood is filtered by the Kidneys. These formulas clean and improve Kidney function.

Liver/Gallbladder formula. The Liver is also a filter organ. Along with the Gallbladder plays a role in digestion, cholesterol regulation, enzyme production. This formula cleans, strengthen and protects the Liver.

Immune  Support or Echinacea Plus. More and more people are suffering from a weak Immune system. Cleansing stresses the Immune system, these formulas boost your natural ability to remove infection.

Super Whole Food. Is high in vitamins and minerals that your body will recognize  as food.

Follow the Recommended Diet.

Here is what the weekly chart looks like.

This example contains Kidney Flush, Liver Flush, and Sweating Treatment. Including these require more effort but sometimes its necessary to recover your health quickly.

A good routine to follow is:

Make your fresh juice first thing in the morning.

   Mix your liquid herbs into fresh juice. (Fresh juice and liquid herbs are best taken on an empty stomach.)

     Example: 1st week Kidney/Bladder and Blood/Lymph

     A total of 6 droppers each (a full dropper is about 1/3 of the way up the pipette) after you mix them together divide them into 2 servings.

     Putting the mix in small glass jars without room for air. Drink one of the servings while you are cleaning the juicer. Then start making your Superfood smoothie. If you can have your first juice at Noon then your smoothie, and your second juice at 4:30 and a large meal 15 minutes later*.

Follow the diet and take Intestinal Regulator at dinner time.

*Your time between meals can be between 4-6 or 8 hours you choose. This eating plan is called Intermittent Fasting.

Sometimes I recommend more than 32 oz of fresh vegetable juice a day.

Week 1

FRESH JUICE              
32 ounces a day              
SUPER FOOD              
2 TBS a day              
KIDNEY BLADDR              
  3 droppers 2 times a day              
  3 droppers 2 times a day              

Week 2

 FRESH JUICE              
 32 ounces a day              
 SUPER WHOLE FOOD              
 2 tablespoons a day              
INTESTINAL SWEEP              
4 capsules 3 times a day              
 LIVER GALLBLADDER              
 3 droppers 2 times a day              
 IMMUNE SUPPORT              
 3 droppers 2 times a day              
LIVER FLUSH              
Once a week              

Weeks 3 and 5 Are the same as week 1. Weeks 4 and 6 are the same as week 2,