Hydro Therphy

Hydro therapy is a vital part of helping your body to heal!!! If you have an area of physical pain, or any organ that is not functioning properly, or even an area that is not healing well use Hydro therapy. Stagnation, inflammation, congestion, and tension all inhibit blood and lymphatic fluid*(which plays a role in your immune system). And since the life is in the blood, it is extremely important to keep both of these fluids flowing in and out of the congested area as fast as possible. When it comes to how long you should do the hot (hot water bottle or heating pad, etc.) and cold (ice pack) depends. But basically you want to use the heat until it becomes uncomfortable and the cold the same and go back and forth for an hour at least once a day. Best time to do Hydro therapy is 15 minutes after drinking your fresh juice and herbs. Please do not under estimate the importance of this process.
*Along the course of the lymphatic vessels are situated the lymph nodes, more commonly called the lymph glands. These nodes are bean-shaped organs containing large numbers of leukocytes, embedded in a network of connective tissue. All the lymph being returned along the lymphatics to the bloodstream must pass through several of these nodes, which filter out infectious and toxic material and destroy it. The nodes serve as a center for the production of phagocytes, which engulf bacteria and poisonous substances.