Coffee Enema

1. Make a pot of coffee using regular, (non—instant, non—decaffeinated) coffee. Do not use aluminum or teflon utensils to make the coffee, or for that matter, at any other time, either. You may use a stainless steel or glass pan, bring coffee to boil, reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Use 2 to tablespoons of coffee grounds per quart and a half of distilled water. Use less coffee if coffee makes you jittery. You can make the coffee the night before and warm it to body temperature in the morning. Store the coffee grounds in the freezer, if possible, to prevent them from going rancid.

2. Take your enema in the morning, afternoon, or early evening but not late at night. Coffee enemas taken too late in the evening may keep you awake.

3. Before beginning the enema, do a mild exercise like jogging or brisk walking. Then, if at all possible, try to have a bowel movement first before the coffee enema, regardless of the time of day.

4. If you cannot retain for full term, perhaps you need to take a warm water enema to start. It will remove the gas and large particles of residue and give you more success at retaining the coffee enema for 15 minutes.

5. Pour coffee into enema bag or douche bag. The enema tip on the end of the hose is not adequate to give a “high enema”. A flexible  inch colon tube should be placed on the end of the enema tip. They come in various lengths anything over 12 inches will be fine.

6. Lubricate colon tube with Olive oil, K—Y Jelly or other lubricant.

7. Insert enema tip into rectum, rotating to avoid kinking of the tube.

8. If you hit an impassable area of the colon, of course, stop there as some people cannot insert the tube the full length. If the coffee doesn’t run in, the tube has kinked. Pull it out until the flow of solution is felt.

9. You can lie on your side, which is easy, or in a kneeling position on the floor. Hold the enema bag up to but no more than 18 inches higher than the body. Too fast a flow of solution will cause discomfort. Once all of the liquid is in you, remove the tube entirely.

10. Never try to take the enema while standing or sitting on the toilet. Lie five minutes on your left side, five minutes on the back, then five minutes on the right side, then empty yourself. You are now ready for your regular daily routine———clean and refreshed You can also massage the colon as the coffee enters the body starting on the left side just above the hip working up toward the bottom of the rib cage across to the right side and down to the hip bone. You will feel the liquid moving through the colon. If you have any difficulties or questions about the coffee enema, please call.